Project Inspire

Revitalizing Community Resources Together

Project Inspire is a beloved tradition at NVIDIA. Each year, our sites around the world forgo office parties and instead invest the funds we would’ve spent (and even more) on projects that benefit the communities where we live and work. Employees and their families volunteer side by side with other community members to bring new life to schools and other nonprofit organizations.


What We Accomplished in FY19

Project Inspire Berlin, Germany


Revitalized a Youth Center

For the third year, NVIDIANs in our Berlin office supported Strassenkinder e.V., a nonprofit serving socially disadvantaged children. Employees spent seven hours doing a variety of gardening projects at the charity’s Bolle Center, helping children with homework, and playing games with them. In addition, employees donated more than $7,000 to fund meals, medical care, and educational programs for the children.

Project Inspire Bristol, Cambridge, United Kingdom


Beautified a Facility for Disabled People

In a joint Project Inspire, employees from our three U.K. offices — Bristol, Cambridge, and Reading — revamped the grounds of St. Luke’s Trust, a community home that serves people with learning disabilities. Volunteers painted sheds and garden furniture, installed fences, built raised garden beds, and cleared fallen trees to create a more welcoming environment for St. Luke’s residents and visitors.

Project Inspire Wuerselen, Germany


Refurblished Computers for Local Nonprofit

Durham employees volunteered with the nonprofit Kramden Institute to refurbish and recycle computers during the office’s fifth Project Inspire event. They rewired PCs, attached stands to monitors, and polished up keyboards. The made-over electronics will be donated to schools and other groups throughout the state for use by students who don’t have access to home computers.

Project Inspire Hillsboro, Oregon


Beautified a Local Academy

In its seventh Project Inspire, our Hillsboro office revamped the campus of the Hillsboro Online Academy, a public, online school serving 150 students in grades 3-12. NVIDIANs prepped and painted indoor hallways and the gymnasium, cleared shrubbery and weeds, and added mulch to beautify the school grounds.

Project Inspire Hsinchu, Taipei


Improved an Elementary School

Employees from Hsinchu and Taipei, and their friends and family, supported Hengshan Elementary School during their second Project Inspire. Volunteers prepped the site, painted and added murals to walls, built bookshelves and cabinets, and installed wooden floors to create an inviting learning space for the school’s 130 students.

Project Inspire Hyderabad, India


Transformed a Local School

During the office’s second Project Inspire event, staffers in Hyderabad made over Mandal Parishath School. Volunteers tackled a variety of tasks, including installing a garden fence, leveling uneven walkways and play areas, and repainting areas of the campus. These projects helped create a safer, more welcoming environment for the school’s students.

Project Inspire, Munich, Germany


Revamped a Youth Education Facility

NVIDIANs in Munich worked alongside family and friends during their second Project Inspire event to transform the nonprofit Naturindianer, an environmental education and childcare facility. Volunteers cleared brush, landscaped, installed fences, and built an outdoor kitchen to support the organization, which inspires students through hands-on, outdoor learning experiences.

Proejct Inspire Pune, India


Overhauled a Local High School

Pune employees revamped the campus of New English High School during their fourth Project Inspire event. They decorated classrooms and corridors with colorful murals and built and repaired more than 150 desks. They also donated fans and lighting, which were professionally installed into each classroom, benefiting nearly 500 students.

Project Inspire Tel Aviv, Israel


Brightened a Medical Center

As part of the Tel Aviv office’s first Project Inspire event, staffers spruced up Save a Child’s Heart, a local nonprofit medical center that provides care to children from developing countries who have heart disease. Employees built a playhouse, revamped an outdoor garden, and helped the children receiving treatment to personalize their rooms with stickers.

Project Inspire, Westford Massachusetts


Spruced up a Community School

Our Westford office partnered with the nearby Bartlett Community Partnership School for their sixth Project Inspire event. Volunteers built and stained benches, painted classrooms and playground graphics, and landscaped outdoor spaces at the school, which serves more than 1,000 students from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade.

Project Inspire Munich, Germany


Upscaled a Youth Facility

In their ninth annual Project Inspire, NVIDIANs in Würselen supported long-time partner Maria im Tann, a group dedicated to providing support for kids with developmental challenges. Volunteers made repairs and upgrades throughout the grounds. In addition, employees donated more than $3,500 to support the group’s therapeutic services.


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